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Download Problems UNO7.1 Empty Download Problems UNO7.1

Post  rggroup on Fri Dec 04, 2009 2:08 am


I try to install UNO 7.1, but when I started the "ArtisanStudio7_1SetupUno.exe" file, the Installer Shield pops up an error message after a while telling me an error has occured during downloading the *7_1.msi file.
I have tried to download this msi file directly from the server and installation was ok, but it turns out to be the non-free version of Artisan Studio 7.1.

What shall I do?

Looking for hearing from anybody soon.



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Download Problems UNO7.1 Empty To install Artisan Studio Uno you need to use ArtisanStudio7_1SetupUno.exe

Post  martync on Fri Jan 29, 2010 7:05 am

Hello J.

You do need to run via the "ArtisanStudio7_1SetupUno.exe" as it is this that configures the msi to install Artisan Studio Uno rather than the full version of the product and it also installs the license file. You need to uninstall the full version of Artisan Studio that you now have installed on your system and then install Artisan Studio Uno by running the "ArtisanStudio7_1SetupUno.exe".

Best regards,


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