Error during install from network

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Error during install from network Empty Error during install from network

Post  Julien Heyman on Wed Jul 15, 2009 8:12 am


While I was able to successfully install Uno over the network from one PC, from another PC I got this error message :
"An error occured while downloading the file"

Any clue as to what local setting might be causing this ? (as far as I know the two PCs are behind the same firewall, and have pretty similar network configurations)

To try and workaround this problem, I tried to install Uno locally on the second PC directly by using the ArtisanStudio7_0.msi that was downloaded during the install to the first PC.
Installation proceeds, but in this case I end up with a license-related error at startup, and despite the indications mentionned in some other post on this forum, I was unable to get things to work in the end.

Maybe the .msi install that is happening when doing the network install is using some specific parameters to configure Artisan Studio in the "Uno" mode, versus the regular license-based version ?

This is a problem I need to tackle one way or the other, since apparently no local install package is available for Uno.


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