create a general architectur of a system

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create a general architectur of a system Empty create a general architectur of a system

Post  andre.schwab on Thu Sep 06, 2012 9:50 am

hello, i want to crate a driver modell. and the first step would be to set the driver as an actor. then the first question is is that right. because the help says actors stay outside the system? but i have to create the driver with his behaviour and his connection to the car and the surroundings. if driver is an actor now i cant give him values like weight or something like that. for sure when i crate him as block that would be possible but then i cant build up subdrivers like sportdriver, lilke that. because i cant put the block driver and the actor driver in one package. how to solf this prob? would be glad for every kind of help! plleeeasse :/


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